Studio Konkret

Welcome to Studio Konkret. We are an artist-driven, award-winning animation and VFX production company in Stockholm.

As an animation studio, our driving force is to create fantastic animated content for all platforms, both web and online as well as television. We are passionate about telling visually appealing stories and have over the years worked with many of Sweden's largest companies and advertising agencies.
Our focus is always on storytelling and how the visual style can interact with the story. We handle both 2D and 3D animation with equal skill, whether it is for animated commercials and information films or game trailers and cinematics.

Selected projects

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Studio Konkret - Animation studio in Stockholm

Studio Konkret is an animation studio based in Stockholm.

We are used to taking on an entire production from the first basic idea to the finished animated film. We also work with advertising agencies and directors who already have a ready-made script for an animated commercial.

2d animation, 3d animation and visual effects

As a production company, our focus is to help you tell your story in a way that fits both your message and budget. In some cases, it is a complex event that is best visualized with complex 3d renderings, in other cases it is a simpler 2d film that does the project the most justice.

How much does animation cost?

What determines the price of an animated film is mainly how many days of work the film requires.
In general, character animation costs the most and simple typographic animation the least. The length and number of scenes is also a very important factor as more scenes usually means more elements to be illustrated/modeled and a longer film often requires more animation.

We always try to go through in detail what needs you have to find the best solution that fits your budget.

Animated commercial

The lines between traditional commercials and social media films have blurred in recent years, but the need is still there. Whether you need an animated social media commercial or a traditional TV spot, we are happy to help. As an animation studio, our goal is always to produce the films that best suit your product no matter where the film is shown and we are used to delivering films in a variety of formats for different platforms.

Here you can read more about how we work with Animated Commercials.

Information film and corporate film

The need for animated corporate films and animated information films is greater today than ever before.

ever been. We are happy to help you communicate your message to your customers or explain a product. Over the years we have helped many Swedish as well as international companies and organizations to get their message across. 

Our previous clients include Sweco, Ubisoft and Microsoft.

You can read more about the benefits of the different types of films here: Animated information film

Game trailers and cinematics 

We work a lot with the games industry and enjoy it very much. 

Whether it is ingame cinematics or game trailers, we are happy to help you. We usually deliver ready-made game trailers or cinematics but also work with both Unreal and Unity in-house and have the opportunity to deliver interactive material or back-plates for recording.

Here you can see our reel for our interactive unreal projects

Previous customers include Ubisoft, King, Dice, Paradox, Coffey Stain and others.

Here you can see our previous game trailers

How we work

When a new client comes to us to create an animated commercial, they are led through a careful and well-structured process that ensures their vision is realized in the best possible way.

Working method for animated films

  1. Introductory Meeting and Workshop:

    As a production company, it is very important for us to understand your needs and objectives with your products. We therefore always start with a meeting to get to know you and your organization. During a workshop or a longer meeting we discuss ideas, target groups and the desired style of the animated film. 

  2. Offert at a fixed price:

    After the initial meeting, we create a detailed fixed-price quote. This specifies the scope of the project and the costs associated with it. Whether it's a simple animated commercial or longer more extensive work, we always try to keep a fixed price so you can feel confident from start to finish. 

  3. Planning and scriptwriting:

    Some clients already have a completed script while others have only a vague idea. Whatever the situation, we will help you through the entire process. Together with you, we design a script that effectively communicates your message in an engaging way. We also plan the production phase and create a detailed schedule. 

  4. Animatic

    Before we start the actual animation, we create an animatic - a simple version of the movie with still images or simple animations. This is usually accompanied by either music or a temporary voice-over. The idea of the simple animatic is to give a sense of the content and pace of the movie and how it works with any voice-over and music. We feel that this gives both us and our clients a much clearer and more coherent picture of the project.

  5. Animation and Completion:

    Now it's time to start animating! Our team of experienced animators and illustrators work carefully to bring your vision to life. This is done through an iterative process where we continuously provide you with new updates and revisions. We prefer to work in close collaboration with you, but this also requires you to be clear in your feedback and gather your thoughts internally before communicating them to us. 

  6. Sound recording

    Sound editing adds a very important layer to the film, reinforcing the film's message and creating a coherent and professional experience for the viewer. When sound and music editing begins, it is important that the film's editing is approved, otherwise parts will have to be re-synced. It is still possible to tweak and change the style and animation as long as the timing doesn't change.

  7. Delivery:

    Finally, we deliver the finished commercial to the client in the desired file format and resolution. We ensure that the client is satisfied with the result and save the project files for at least one year (longer if necessary) in order to make quick updates in the future. 

Feel free to contact us to request a quote or just to exchange ideas. Contact us at